Playte Together

It's always better playing together

מי יהיה הראשון שיצעיד את הביסים שלו אל מעבר למים שורצי המפלצות, ויכבוש את אדמת היריב?

אומרים שטובים השניים מן האחד, וכך גם במשחק: לשחק בשניים מכפיל את הכיף והריגוש. לכן ב-Playte, אחרי המצאת משחקי צלחת, המציאו את Playte Together, משחק חדשני, לראשונה משחק משותף לזמן הארוחה, המיועד לשניים המשחקים אחד נגד השני.

המארז כולל 2 צלחות Playte Together וקוביה אחת.

מיועד לילדים בגילאי 7-14, אך גם הילדים בנפשם יהנו מהמשחק.


Each player strives to be the first who clears his playte, by marching their bites army to the other player’s territory. Alas, only one route exists, and the enemy soldiers are approaching as well. Who have chosen the soldiers wisely? Who will win the dual on top of the giant tortoises back?

Playte Together utilises the magic of joint play to further enhance the power of gamifying meal time. Best suiting for siblings, friends or a parent and child, Playte Together is sure to bring a lot of fun and laughter, creating a unique quality time experience. As all Playte’s professionally designed products, Playte Together aids those children struggling with mealtimes.

Perfect for picky eaters, ADHD, sensory sensitive and over-eaters. Helps to develop positive attitude towards mealtime, encourage experiencing new flavors and textures and increase sense of control while maintaining the focus where it belongs – on the food.

This kit includes two large playing plates, and one special die.

The Playtes are 11 inches (27.5 cm) in diameter. They are made of high-quality well-coated melamine, built to last for years without fading or wearing of colours and illustrations. They are dishwasher safe but are not to be used in the microwave or oven.

Now all that's left is to eat… and to enjoy yourselves. Adventures await on your Playte!