Go on. Play with your food.

The solution for kids struggling with meal time

Playte did not start out as a commercial initiative.

It was born in our kitchen out of countless frustrating dinners with a lively and bouncy toddler. Instead of a calm and pleasant get-together at the end of the day, we would find ourselves playing the role of entertainers, or pleading, improvising, and scolding…

Out of our attempts to summon more patience and cooperation at mealtimes, we discovered the thing that works best – playing! Oh yes, go ahead and play with your food – contrary to how we were raised (and maybe you were too…).

When dinner is an excitement, its all much easier...

Playte – A plate illustrated as a colourful and attractive game board.

The game has simple rules, each bite is a playing piece, and they’ll be eating their way towards victory!

Who is Playte for?

  • Children having trouble sitting through dinner
  • Picky eaters, over eaters, under eaters
  • Children with unbalanced eating habits
  • Curious children that seek excitement
  • Families wishing for more quality time

A new and revolutionary approach to children’s nutrition

Playte – Enables children to perceive meals as a positive and rewarding experience, and not a chore bound with stress and power struggles.