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Playte is a plate which is also a game, meaning the game is designed for and embedded into a plate.

Basically – because it’s fun!

Nonetheless, Playte’s main goal is to keep children interested in their meal, especially the ones who have difficulties sitting through dinner or trying new foods. Playte turns dinner into a whole new experience, filled with excitement and laughter as children are engaged and having fun.

Most of the games are original – they were invented specifically to fit a plate and make a meal more exciting. Others are modifications of known, popular games. All games were designed so the food actively “participates” in the playing process, so the child can eat and play, while continuing to focus on the food and the meal.

If the game puts the food at the center and keeps the child focused on what he eats, then playing with food can improve eating habits, as it increases the child’s pleasure and motivation, even while developing cognitive skills.

The games were created by professionals, using psychological and didactic methods, in order to balance the appeal and fun while establishing healthy eating habits and cognitive-development.

So, not only it’s not wrong to play with your food – it’s recommended!

Because TV and interactive screens are so dominant and so alluring, they “steal” the child’s attention, and the focus shifts away from the food. In these situations, the child often doesn’t notice what and how much food he is consuming. Furthermore, these kinds of activities create a private-experience, as opposed to the shared family time and fun that dinner ought to be, and can be – with Playte.

Playte was designed for parents and children who want to enjoy dinner together; for families who don’t want to stop playing, even though it’s dinner time; and especially for those children who need help sitting through a meal at the family table.

Each set of Playtes has its own age range, from toddlers as young as 3 years old, up to children aged 8. Each set is labeled to indicate the specific age range recommended. Please note recommended ages for each set.

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Please download and follow the instruction files, suitable for each set.
For your convenience, the instructions are available in various languages, and additional languages will be available soon.

Playte Adventure: Hebrew  English  Japanese

Playte Memory: Hebrew  English  Japanese

The Playtes are made of high-quality well-coated melamine, built to last for years without fading or wearing of colors and illustrations. They are dishwasher safe but are not to be used in the microwave or oven.