Playte Adventure

The nature challenges

Help the cubs cross the river to their parents, climb up to the mountain to the birthday party, and complete the challenges on your way to feed the crocodiles.

Set of three Nature Adventure Playtes, ages 4-8:

  • Up the mountain
  • Across the river
  • Feed the crocodile

Includes 2 large dice.

Playte Adventure turns any meal into an exciting adventure in nature with three different games:

On the first plate, kids help the elephant and tiger cubs get to their parents on the other side of the river by paving the way to reveal objects that can help them across – barrels, rafts, and boats. On the second plate, along with the owl and the turtle, kids are welcome to join the cubs’ party on the mountaintop, and on the way to reveal the gifts brought by the various adorable guests; and on the third plate, the kids move along an obstacle course on their way to the alligator pool, trying to get rid of the bite they don’t want to eat (usually vegetables, in our experience).

This kit includes two large playing dice: one regular numbered die and a coloured die.

English instructions are on the inner packaging, and additional languages  are available Hebrew Japanese English

Playtes are 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter. They are made of high-quality well-coated melamine, built to last for years without fading or wearing of colours and illustrations. They are dishwasher safe but are not to be used in the microwave or oven.

Now all that’s left is to eat… and to enjoy yourselves. Adventures await on your Playte!