Challenge your memory

At the bottom of the ocean, in outer space, or on an owly treetop…

can you make all the matches?

Set of three “memory” games at different difficulty levels, ages 3-8:

  • Under the sea
  • Outer space
  • Tree of owls


Playte Memory is a variation on the classic memory game with three levels of difficulty, and is suitable for ages three and up.

One Playte is on an underwater ocean theme, the second is space, and the third and most difficult is a treetop filled with owls in funny costumes. The Playtes are designed to be placed at any angle so that kids find it harder to memorize the order, so the game may be used over time.

This kit does not require any further accessories.

Playtes are 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter. They are made of high-quality well-coated melamine, built to last for years without fading or wearing of colours and illustrations. They are dishwasher safe but are not to be used in the microwave or oven.

Instructions available here:

English | Japanese | עברית

Now all that’s left is to eat… and to enjoy yourselves. Adventures await on your Playte!