When the plate is a board, and each bite is a playing piece, dinner gets exciting!

The Concept behind Playte

Playte did not start out as a commercial initiative.

It was born in our kitchen out of countless frustrating dinners with a lively and bouncy toddler. Instead of a calm and pleasant get-together at the end of the day, we would find ourselves playing the role of entertainers, or pleading, improvising, and scolding…

Out of our attempts to summon more patience and cooperation at mealtimes, we discovered the thing that works best – playing! Oh yes, go ahead and play with your food – contrary to how we were raised (and maybe you were too…)

That’s how we came up with the idea of turning the plate into a playground.

We were surprised to discover that when the plate becomes an interesting and challenging playing field, our daughter loved to sit at the table, try out new foods, and… wouldn’t you know it: finish her entire meal.

Finally, a long and dark era of dinnertime struggles came to an end, and family meals just turned into a great quality time.

Then we realized that our idea could help other parents solve these issues.

That’s how Playte was born.

Don’t Play with your Food!

What happens when mealtimes are a game, the plate is the playing board, and the food becomes the playing pieces?

When children play with their food (and not simultaneously with other things like watching television or playing with their tablet), they:

  • Stay focused on their eating habits, tastes, amounts, and textures.
  • Feel they are in control of the situation, and are not “being forced” to eat
  • Get to know their own hunger and satiety mechanisms
  • Are open to trying new flavors and tastes.